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First trip to Seaworld

Our dear friends Pat and Stacia were kind enough to gift us with some passes to Seaworld in Orlando. They even included the all you can eat dining pass, which we took 130% advantage of. I’m pretty sure if you look closely enough you can actually see us gaining weight as the day progresses. We started off with the shark encounter where I heard Tanner softly singing the theme song to Jaws for the first time.  This is a milestone I am quite proud of.  Sure maybe he can’t sing Twinkle Twinkle yet, but he has a 70’s thriller movie theme song down!  Tanner didn’t seem too impressed with the Shamu show and even ended up falling asleep at one point.  I can only assume he was most likely disappointed by the lack of trainers getting into the water with the killer whales.  Damn you Tilikum for ruining it for everyone!  It was a pretty fun trip that made me even more grateful that we live on the coast of Florida where we get to see most of these delicious sea creatures in the the wild.

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