River Ranch Campground

We thought it would be a fun adventure to live like cowboys at this here dude ranch. Then we checked the weather and it was predicted to be 28° so we assumed we would obviously freeze to death. After much going back and forth, we decided to put on our big girl britches (and many other layers) and tough it out. I’m happy to report that everyone survived and we had a great time exploring the countryside. Our campsite was right next to the shooting range, so the men of the group decided to load up and shoot some skeet together. Thank you Lil Jon for ruining the word “skeet” for me for life. We also frequented the petting zoo often and the highlight was being able to hold these adorable 6 week old baby goats. We also decided to go on a swamp buggy adventure since the boys are pretty into vehicles with big wheels and no roofs.river ranchriver ranch campingbaby goat river ranch campgroundriver_ranch04a river_ranch08bwild turkeyriver_ranch05 river_ranch10 river ranch florida river ranch camping river_ranch07 river_ranch06 river_ranch05c river_ranch05b river_ranch28river_ranch11 river_ranch25 river_ranch17river_ranch20 river_ranch13 river_ranch12river_ranch19river_ranch18river_ranch16river_ranch15river_ranch29

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