Happy Halloween 2013

For some reason (crazy person?) I end up with at least 3 costumes for Halloween every year. This year started with a whole circus family theme.  Tanner’s strong man costume turned out great, but I was worried that it might show a little bit too much nipple if it was cold outside so I wanted a backup costume.  So I stumbled on a cheap Lightening McQueen pit crew costume that I thought would be good if it was chilly, or just to wear around the house as dress-up. THEN I found out that the Fall Festival at his preschool requires the kids to wear something “that God created.” My first thought was to dress him up as a brontosaurus, but I ended up going with a lion so that Tanner wouldn’t get kicked out of school.

The night of Halloween my parents went all out this year and decorated their garage all scary and stuff.  After touring all of the neighbor’s haunted houses we sat around at my parents and passed out candy to all of the creepy teenagers.

Now that the Halloween festivities have concluded it begins the task of figuring out what to do with a huge tub o’ candy besides consuming it.  We hid it, and Tanner is in a deep search and rescue mode right now, pushing the dining room chair all over the house in search of the forbidden blue crunch bars.


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