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Happy Easter 2012

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Tanner is officially 1! (Oh yea and it’s Christmas)


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1st Birthday Party

Since we always referred to Tanner as our little Christmas miracle baby, we decided it would be fitting to throw him a wintery themed birthday party with baby penguins and snowflakes. My favorite craft was reusing the baby food jars as snow globes for birthday party favors and the streamer backdrop for the photo booth. It was hard to tell if he was having a good time or not, he was pretty clingy and pretty much just wanted to be held. But then something magical happened. We plopped a giant, sugary cake in front of him for the first time. Fists full of cake particles and blue icing went everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake get so destroyed before, it was spectacular.

Thank you to Amy Atlas Blog for featuring his party!

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First Halloween

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