4th Birthday Party | Octonauts Theme

Our soon to be 4 year old has become increasingly obsessed with all things Octonauts and obscure sea creatures. I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted, and he blurted out something along the lines of Octonauts, a whale shark and symbiosis. I knew things were going to get pretty weird. Since there isn’t any Octonauts party supplies here in the US, I decided to try and recreate everything in Illustrator. I wanted to keep with the bright color scheme from the show, which is different shades of aqua, green, and orange. I thought fondant cake toppers would be cool, but I had no idea what I was doing so I thought I could just fake it using polymer clay from Micheal’s. After a few failed attempts, they started to look like the characters and it’s cool because now he gets to keep them. I was able to incorporate a little “symbiosis” into the party with the urchin & crab on a stick for the photobooth, as well as some other sea creatures and a sweet shark face. The kids seem to love the pool filled with sea creatures and the treasure hunt, and luckily no one got hurt on the plank walk or choking on non edible clay cake toppers. He had a blast, and I was so happy he recovered in time for his birthday party. He unfortunately had a pretty severe allergic reaction to Motrin 2 days prior and almost took a trip to the ER, so it was a busy weekend.

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octonauts birthday party

Printables (Signs, invitations, games): Me – Email
Photography: Vitalic Photo
Photo Booth: Snap Booth
Cake: Publix
Cake toppers: Me – Email
Cookies & Cake pops: Maria V Creative
French Macaroons: Classy Cupcakes
Sand dollar cookies: Grandma & Papa
Cookie decorating starfish: Grandma
Candy Sushi: Aunt Sheilah
Shark photo booth prop, Shark teeth necklaces, candy: Oriental Trading

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3 Years


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Happy 3rd Birthday Tanner!

I remember when my son was a tiny baby, and seeing older boys obsessing over this silly red car with eyes. I didn’t really get the appeal, but figured this particular car just had some clever marketing, because his. face. was. everywhere. I secretely hoped that my son wouldn’t fall victim to this red car’s magic power. Then he turned 2 1/2 and watched the movie Cars while we were in Maine and the obsession began. All he could talk about was cars, his favorite color became red and it made me realize how much I do not like playing with cars. I did however appreciate the change from boring Thomas the Tank Engine.

So when it came time to start planning his 3rd birthday party, Lightening McQueen took the lead. After watching the movie a billion times, I noticed a cute vintage billboard as you entered the town that said “Welcome to Radiator Springs,” so I adapted something similar for the backdrop of the dessert table which set the scenery for the entire party. We incorporated real cactus plants and other rustic elements to match the look and feel of the old fashion town. We also displayed food to match all of the characters like Sally’s cozy cones, Mater’s taters, Luigi’s tower of tires and Sheriff’s stop lights. I also created some custom labels for some soup cans to look like oil cans that said different happy birthday messages. One of my favorite aspects of the party was the favors for the kids. We had little wooden cars that each held their own personal Radiator Springs driver’s license with their name and photo. They also received a trophy (Piston cup) with official cars pez dispensers and a little car.

For games we had pin the buck teeth on mater, a McQueen piñata, large cardboard cars to race with, a craft table to make their own license tag and everyone’s favorite, face painting at Ramone’s house of body art. My favorite moment was when we brought out the cupcake with a candle for him to blow out. His jaw literally dropped.

Thank you to Hostess with the Mostess, Catch My Party, Karas Party Ideas, & Spaceships and Laserbeams for featuring his party!

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Photography: Vitalic Photo
Photo booth: Snap Booth
Design & Artwork: Chrissy Trujillo
Cartoon Characters: Disney Family
Face painter: Judy Face Painting
Wooden cars: Oriental Trading
Cone drinking cups: Amazon
McQueen shirt: Disney Store
Treats: The Grandparents

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Tanner’s 2nd Birthday Party | Thomas the Train

Thank you The Little Umbrella for featuring his party!

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1st Birthday Party

Since we always referred to Tanner as our little Christmas miracle baby, we decided it would be fitting to throw him a wintery themed birthday party with baby penguins and snowflakes. My favorite craft was reusing the baby food jars as snow globes for birthday party favors and the streamer backdrop for the photo booth. It was hard to tell if he was having a good time or not, he was pretty clingy and pretty much just wanted to be held. But then something magical happened. We plopped a giant, sugary cake in front of him for the first time. Fists full of cake particles and blue icing went everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake get so destroyed before, it was spectacular.

Thank you to Amy Atlas Blog for featuring his party!

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